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Neut Tower is a puzzle adventure game about escaping an office tower after an earthquake. You are Jaye, a young programmer who has written Neut, a program made to explore the building's labyrinthine security systems. Jaye and Neut must work together to find their way out, and help those in need that they meet along the way.

Content Warning: Some mild swearing

This is a port of Neut Tower for MS-DOS to the Apple ][, with some minor tweaks to puzzles and dialogue. Saving and loading is not implemented, but there are cheat codes that could help you resume close to where you left off. ;)

In-browser emulation provided by apple2js, by Will Scullin and contributors.

The game has been tested on actual hardware and runs fine. Uses ProDOS, so 64kb of RAM is required.

Neu] [ower was built using a custom development environment called Honeylisp, which I created from scratch for this project from the assembler on up. Honeylisp is written in Fennel, and the goal was to provide a REPL-like development experience on the 6502 by assembling code on the fly and injecting it directly into an emulator's memory. Literally every byte of the game (with the exception of ProDOS) was generated by code or tools that I wrote for this project. You can read more about Honeylisp on my blog, or watch some demos of Honeylisp in action on YouTube.

Full source code is available on Bitbucket.

Apple ][ Forever!


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The URL that point the source code in Bitbucket mapped to is invalid. The correct should link to

Thanks, I've fixed the link!

this was a delight to play! the new rules each area adds were fun to puzzle over. I'd love to see what you do with the setting in the future!

Thank you! I'd love to come back to it at some point but I don't have any more puzzle ideas right now, haha