Neut Tower is a puzzle adventure game about escaping an office tower after an earthquake. You are Jaye, a young programmer who has written Neut, a program made to explore the building's labyrinthine security systems. Jaye and Neut must work together to find their way out, and help those in need that they meet along the way.

Content Warning: Some mild swearing

This game was made entirely on actual hardware - a 286 with 4mb of RAM - with the only tools used that were written after 1992 being ones I wrote myself. No emulators were used to develop this game. All graphics not made inside the tile editor built into my engine were created with the shareware version of NeoPaint, and the code was written in Borland Turbo C++ 1.0 (with a dash of Turbo Assembler thrown in for good measure).

The engine has been in development since December 2018. In February of 2020 I entered the Global Game Jam and built out the initial game logic and first two levels.

All source code is included in the zip.  A git repository with full development history is also available on BitBucket. All game logic is defined in a custom Forth-based scripting language called Jorth, and can be edited by modifying the .JOR files. Completely new games could be built without recompiling the EXE, for those adventurous enough to learn the language. Compilation of JOR files happens on first load and produces JIM files; this process can be somewhat slow.

A full debug console is available on COM2 at 19200 baud. Run the "devon" command to enable full map editing functionality and the graphics editor, accessible with the "tab" key. (Alternately, you can edit GAMEBOOT.JOR to define the DEV constant to 1.) If there is interest I may write documentation in the future.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorSpindley Q Frog
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
TagsDOS, ega, MS-DOS


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Nice work! My favorite level was the one with the malfunctioning droid, good use of bespoke rules in service of telling a story. Only things that felt a little arbitrary by the end is exactly how the teleporting computers work, and which codes map to which keypads in the last level.

Possible bug: I finished the (last?) level but it softlocked when I stepped on the exit tile. Pressing the Boss Key somehow still worked, producing this ominous screen on return. I was able to save+quit with ESC and see the ending upon continuing. This is with the web version on Windows 10 + Chrome, FWIW.

Hey Noyb, long time no see! Thanks for the feedback. (Yes, that is the last level.)

That's a really weird bug I don't think I've seen before - glad it didn't stop you though. I'll be sure to patch it if I can track it down.

it also soft locks for me stepping on the exit tile in the last level (web version, mac chrome). is it supposed to roll an ending? 

This is SO GOOD!

God, I wish I could design fun puzzles like this :)


Thanks! I'm very proud of the puzzle design, so it really makes my day when I hear from someone who got into it and didn't just bounce off the terrible maze in the second room :)

Ace coding job.  The DOS feel.  It's down pat.  Props.